going green

We Are Committed to Going green

Sage Academy PreSchool Tarzana, CA

At Sage, we are committed to "going green." Recently, we have raised our families awareness by offering reusable beverage bottles, planting an organic garden, recycling all of our waste and utilizing green products every day when possible. We encourage our children to be mindful of wasting water when washing up and turning out lights in classrooms when not in use. We are always looking for suggestions to further our responsibility to our environment. How can we save the planet?

Our sage organic garden

Our Sage garden is designed to inspire children to learn and value our natural world through garden-based education. School gardens are a living laboratory where lessons are drawn from real-life experiences rather than textbook examples, allowing students to become active participants in the learning process. Gardens teach students about where our food comes from, the importance of stewardship, and an appreciation for the natural systems that support life. Caring for a seedling from germination to maturity is integral to a child's developing sense of the world around him. By learning through action and through stimulation of all the senses, the school garden amplifies and enhances subjects covered in the traditional classroom. Through their dynamic nature, gardens embody a genuine and direct experimental, inquiry-based approach to learning. School gardens are spaces that foster a child's sense of wonder and imagination. They provide a platform for natural open-ended and creative play which is also an important element of childhood.