meet the staff

sage places a priority on supporting our staff
with an ideal child to teacher ratio

Sage Academy PreSchool Tarzana, CA

Our dedicated, caring, and experienced teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education. We are committed to working with students and parents to provide a positive school experience for every child.

Administrative Staff

Kristi Reed, Administrator:
Wendy Travolta, Administrator:

Ariana Jacobo, Assistant Administrator:

Teaching Staff
Lauren Bordenave,
Gina Jackson,Teacher:
Aimee Leff, Teacher:
Farheen Mohamed, Teacher:
Katy Renfro, Teacher:
Tiffany Romero-Jerry, Teacher:
Liz Small, Teacher:
Jenifer Arias, Assistant Teacher
Melissa Burciaga, Assistant Teacher
Sara Harssini, Assistant Teacher
Sylvia Lee, Assistant Teacher
Yeraldie LLanos, Assistant Teacher
Priscilla Perez, Assistant Teacher
Alexis Paule, Assistant Teacher
Elana Sasoones, Assistant Teacher

Parvaneh Yamini, Assistant Teacher